cybersniper is a unique preventive action in Switzerland enabling you to detect and hinder cyberthreats such as phishing, malware, ransomware, Trojan horses.

You can protect your infrastructures and your users very quickly and cost effectively from the most recent attacks. cybersniper can easily be integrated into your system and is compatible with all operating systems and web browsers.

The Cloud version is designed for SMEs and Micro Businesses as it is efficient and easy to implement. The Box version requires an internal network installation and allows you to collect extensive details on the origin of the threat.

If your Internet access is already at DFi, you have nothing to configure, it's ready! Your Name Servers (NS) should mention to the following addresses: and

In the other case, ask your IT department to configure the following two addresses: and as a name server (NS) in your system; Windows server, router and or firewall. In any case to test if you are well protected, click on this link: https://test.cybersniper.ch

The installation is simple and does not require any modifications in your systems; one on-site installation is necessary and has to be planned with your team.

Of course, cybersniper is protecting your network at all times. But it will not clean up infected machines.

If a computer or a server attempts to reach a malicious site (manual action, activation of an application without the knowledge of the user...) it will be redirected to another web page, thus preventing infection of your infrastructures.

You will be redirected onto another web page preventing the infection to access your infrastructures.

You will receive a summary of all protections performed on a regular basis.

All information on threats are updated every 15 minutes, and you will benefit from that service in real-time.

All you need is a fixed IP address.

It's very easy; you can order it directly on-line at https://dfi-direct.ch

There are no limits in the number of work stations protected.

An anti-virus is necessary but not sufficient; its efficiency is less than 30% as it can only operate on known viruses. cybersniper detects new threats, checks Internet traffic and uses Threat Intelligence.

A firewall is necessary but not sufficient. cybersniper informs you about detected threats in real-time, in addition to geographical targeting for a price ten times lower than a traditional system.

Threat Intelligence is a discipline based on intelligence techniques, which aims at collecting and sorting all information linked to threats in the cyberspace (Cyber attacks), in order to establish a profile of the assailants or to highlight trends (business areas targeted, method used, etc.). This profiling ensures better protection and anticipation of the different incidents by detecting a threat in the early stages of a large-scale attack.

The objective of the service is to identify all malicious activities that might cause a security incident. Security updates of your servers and computers as well as a root-cause analysis of intrusions are not included in the offer. cybersniper Cloud will not be able to determine which work station has been infected.

A simple modification of your DNS will do the trick. If your internet provider (ISP) is DFi, you do not have anything to do.

No. cybersniper does not retain any data regarding the individual use of the Internet nor of the consulted pages. DFi respects the general provisions of the Law on the Protection of Personal data.